Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Recently I watched a movie titled Intern where one of the main role play Anne Hathaway and Robert de Niro. This very interesting comedy doesn't take up serious subject and everyone can watch it in free time to relax. The intern was released on September 25 and obtained a lot off positive reviews. The movie is about Ben Whitaker who is seventy years old widower. After retirement he is bored with his life. That is why he decided to apply to a senior intern program. He applies to a company founded by Jules Ostin. He is assigned to work with Jules but she isn't satisfied with that. At the beginning Jules don't want to work with Ben and she does her best to move him to other department. However, over time everything change. I think it's worth to watch this comedy.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

I love watching medical movies and series. One of my favourite American televison medical drama is Dr House. The main charakter in this movie is unconventional and a pain medication-dependent Dr. Gregory House. In every episode of this series Dr House with his diagnostic team tries to diagnose and heal his patients. His best friend James works as a doctor in the same hospital, he is department head of oncology. A very interesting fact is that an inspiration for the series was Sherlock Holmes. The charakter of Gregory House is based on Sherlock Holmes who was created by Arthur Conan Doyle. We can say that House is like Holmes.There is a lot of similiarities between them. They both play instruments and they are addicted to drugs: House uses vicodin and Holmes takes cocaine. Morover, they are self-confident, arrogant, never give up and they try their best to achieve their goals. Besides they both have deductive skills: they show powers of observation and deduction. They have as well the same address which is 221B. The best friend of House is Dr. James Wilson whose name is similar to name of the best friend of Holmes which is Watson. How can we see there is a lot of similarities between Holmes and House.

Monday, November 30, 2015

When two year ago comes out the polish movie "Listy do M" all moviegoers were fascinated. There are a lot of factores which made that a lot of people were interested in this movie like: star cast interesting movie's plot and funny dialogs. "Listy do M" was declared the best comedy last 25 years. Recently we could watch in cinemas a continuation of this film "Listy do M 2". I personally enjoyed this movie but there is a lot of people who criticize "Listy do M 2".

 I had o lot of funny watching this film and I think it is worthseeing. But the thruth is that funny moments interchange with upsetting events which make that a moviegoer feel like crying. This movie is continuation of fates of the main characters where the protagonists are preparing to another Christmas day. They experience difficulties which progressively resolve. The love of Doris and Mikołaj is blooming but he can't decide how to propose to her. Karina and Szczepan got divorced and she became very famous writer and he works as taxi driver. Małgorzata and Wojciech adopted Tosia. However, before Christmas Małgorzata got sick and she has to undergo a surgery. Betty bring up her son Kazik who is 4 years old and tries to sort her life out with . In this film were introduce new threads and new actors such as : Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Maciej Zakościelny and Marta Żmuda Trzebiatowska.  

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Recently I read a very interesting article which I found in periodic The guardian written by Nicole Mowbray about 'flesh tunnel'. I think that from this article I got to know differents absorbing things. Therefore, I would like to tell you today what this article is about.

Nowdays there are a lot of people who want to get rid of 'flesh tunnel'. Because of big holes in their earlobes they can't get job. A 24 years old Luke Clark coudn't get job and he realized that 'flesh tunnel' cause trouble with his job prospects. That is why he decided take the plug out from his earlobes. But when he did it his earlobes looked terrifying. Fortunately, there is a cosmetic surgeon Adrian Richards who found a technique to fix stretched earlobe. Although the operation isn't cheap there is a lot of people inreresting in it. This cosmetic procedure takes about 30 minutes and is performed under local anaesthetic. Luke isn't only person who had trouble with flesh tunnel. Some soldier underwent this surgeon proceudre of repairing earlobes because he could be discharge from army with stretched ear. Other example is a man who couldn't join a Professional Golfers' Association because of his ear tunnel. How we can see nowdays looks is very important and sometimes can cause us a little trouble.  

Sunday, October 25, 2015

One of my favourite romantic comedy action film is Mr $ Mrs Smith starring by Angelina Jolie and Brat Pit. Angelina Jolie played Jane Smith and Brat Pit played John Smith. John Powell composed a original music score to this film which I love. Jane and John Smith are a marriage couple with considerable experience, leading stabilize and boring life in a very beautiful house in the suburbs. They both work as a hits man to differentes competing agencies. But they are unconcious what their other half realy do. Every day they meet at 19 at home for diner and they tell each other how was their day in a fictional work. They are master of camouflage. They can't deal with a routine which broke out in their life. But one day they they receive an order from their agencies to kill each other.
I think that is a very funny movie which take a light subject matter. You can see it to relaxation and rest. The scenario of this movie written by Simon Kinberg is full of comical dialogues, accurate comback and comment. I love this film because it is a uprouries, emanating black humour comedy.


Sunday, October 18, 2015

The most captivating and interesting series which I have ever seen is Once upon a time. This series consisted on 5 season and each season contain about 25 periods. Protagonist of this series are fairy tales charakters such like Snow White, Prince Charming, Red Riding Hood, the evil Queen. They all lived in a land called enchanted forest. But one day the evil queen Regina casted the curse on all inhabitants of this place. Because of this spell they were moved to the real world where there wasn't any magic. The evil queen created in the middle of the forest a city called Storybrook and she put there their victims. The time stopped, the magic didn't work and all fairy tales protagonist lost their memory. The only person who could stop Regina was a doughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. After the birth she was put into the magic wardrobe which moved her to the real world without magic. She was the only person who could break the curse. On her 28 birthday she was got to Storybrooke by her ten years old son Henry who wanted to upset applecart his adopted mother Regina. I would like to recommend you this series. In my opinion is worth seeing.  

Sunday, June 7, 2015

My favourite polish film bears the title ''Lejdis''. This movie is about four women who are very good friend since childhood and they called thyself laydies. One of this womens is Łucja who works at school as a teacher and rise a son. She is cheated by her boyfriend. Gosia works as lawyer and she is a wife of politician. She doesn't know that her husband is homosexual and he is cheating on her with a portuguese representative. Monia is a owner of helth club and her husban is millionaire. The last women is Karolina calls ''Korba'' who have to change her life when she finds out that her father is sick. I think that this comedy is worth seeing.